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River Road Escapes

For customers staying in the Tipis on the Guadalupe or in the River Road Escapes Rentals: Water Haus, Earth Haus, or Air Haus we partner with y'all as well!

This summer we are offering shuttle services for those that call!

Our pick -up location is in the brick house driveway next to the Tipis on the Guadalupe.


If you'd like to plan a float with us please stop by at least one day prior to the day you want to float to fill out all your paperwork and pre-pay! This will help us to get y'all in the river as quickly as possible!


If you are planning a vacation at the Tipis or River Road Escapes, call us at 830-964-3202 and we will send you all the paperwork via email to turn in prior to your float! 


If you heard about our partnership while staying at the Tipis on the Guadalupe or in any of the River Road Escape Hauses just call us for a ride, we will come pick your group up and bring you back to our Blue Barn to check you in for a float!   830-964-3202

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