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Get on the Guadalupe River faster.

Save time by downloading and filling out the Little Ponderosa Outfitters PDF Rental Contract and Liability Waiver below. If you have large groups this will save you time in line!

ALL minors (ages 5-17) must have a Legal Parent or Guardian sign for them. No exceptions! 

Rental Contract and Liability Waiver

No Children Under 5:  Our insurance does not allow any children under the age of 5 down our river access ramp or in our equipment. We apologize for the inconvenience.


No Day Camping: We do not currently have the parking or public space for Day Campers! We will not allow any gatherings in our parking lot area, no tents or pop up canopies. If you would like river access it has to be through one of our rental services.

No Pets: Our insurance does not allow us to send any animals, pets or otherwise, down our river access ramp or in our equipment. This means that we have a no pet policy

*Service Dogs registered with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) are welcome with identification. Please call ahead to speak with our Management Team if you plan to float. 

*Emotional Support Animals (ESA) are NOT allowed with or without paperwork. We apologize for the inconvenience, however, due to the number of forged paperwork out there, we must implement this rule. ESA's are protected by the Fair Housing Act (FHA) and Air Carrier Access Act, and these do not apply to Little Ponderosa River Outfitters, L.L.C.

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