Tube Rentals

TUBES with or without bottoms: $21.00 per person rental.

Free Parking and Shuttle with Tube Rentals.

We suggest that you bring some rope. Fees and taxes are included in the price.

*If you bring a personal tube there will a $21.00 shuttle fee and $2.00 charge to fill your tube with air.

We suggest that you bring some rope. Fees and taxes are included in the price.

Raft Rentals

We offer heavy duty, 2-6 passenger rafts at $31.00 a passenger.

We provide the oars and life jackets. We suggest that you bring some rope. Fees and taxes are included in the price.

*Rafts will only be allowed on the river with a CFS of 300 or higher.

VIP Experience

Book our Fluzzle Pro Quad Bundles for an LPRO VIP Experience! 

4 Interlocking rental tubes fully covered in nylon with bottoms 

1 Cooler rental tube

1 Cooler rental

2 Dry bags (yours to keep!)

2 Waterproof phone cases (yours to keep!)

4 Bottles of water

1 -10lb bag of ice

1 - $5.00 coupon valid for any single item in stock in our General Store

Parking for 1 vehicle in our Reserved Parking spots

(Life jackets and paddles available upon request)


All for a total of $220 for a single day rental.

A non-refundable deposit of $100 (credited toward your total) is required at the time of booking.

  Limited bundles: Call today to book your group!     



Complete your contract and indemnity form ahead of time and receive expedited check in service.

River Access & Day Parking


We offer daily parking and river entrance to those who would rather relax in the deep water near our entrance, kayak down the river, or cycle through the Little Ponderosa Neighborhood.

For personal equipment: 

Parking $20.00/day

River Entrance $6.00/person

Air Fill For Single Size Tube $2.00

Air Fill for Larger tubes $4.00

Fishing & Anglers

Welcome Fishing Guides & Anglers!

Little Ponderosa River Outfitters, LLC is here for you during the fall & winter fishing season!

Daily River Entrance $5.00 per client.

Parking $10.00/day per vehicle

Our Fishing Guides and Angler box is located at the Blue Barn on top of the ice machine. Please fill our our contract and indemnity forms BEFORE entering the boat ramp.

Please follow the instruction sheet inside the Angler box and enjoy your fishing trip!

General Store

Come explore our General Store!!

Little Ponderosa is proud to offer our patrons with River essential items this coming season!

Whether you forgot your sunscreen or didn't use enough on your float trip, we've got you covered! Take a peek into our General Store and buy what you need!

*Alcoholic beverages excluded



We are proud to offer some discounted rates to our patrons that have served in the Military or as First Responders. $2.00 OFF per tube with your ID! Thank you for your service and sacrifice. 

We also are offering $2.00 OFF per tube for groups this year!! Bring your group of 12 or more and receive this discounted rate!

Little Ponderosa River Outfitters, L.L.C.