Currently, we are closed for the season.

When we re-open this spring we will be following the safety guidelines published from the CDC, as well as orders from local health officials.

For Fishing Guides and Anglers wanting to fish this winter season please see our

Services Tab for our pricing and instruction.

We are able to provide parking, as well as river access.

You can come and relax in the slow deep water near our river entrance / exit.

If you would like to float downstream we can suggest some options as well.

Off season (winter) pricing:

Parking - $10.00 per vehicle

River Access - $5.00 per person

No children under 5 years old allowed

No Day Camping allowed

No pets allowed

Before you come out, please download and complete our waiver 

Get on the Guadalupe River faster.

Save time by downloading and filling out the Little Ponderosa Outfitters PDF waiver below.


No Can Ban means it's ok to bring soft drinks and alcohol canned beverages to our part of the Guadalupe River.

Glass, Styrofoam, and Plastic containers of 5 ounces or smaller (jello shot) are not allowed. 

These products create an environmental hazard to the ducks and other wild life along the river.

For ALL of our Rental Information, Parking and Pricing check out our Services Tab!

Texas Hill  Country Scenery

Outdoor Recreation

9:30am Until 7:00pm

Helpful Information

  • We do not sell rope so bring plenty if needed.

  • Along with essential river items in our General Store, we also sell 10 lb bags of ice.

  • Bring plenty of water!

  • Please use the mesh trash bags provided by LPRO and W.O.R.D to keep the river clean and beautiful!

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